What do I have to bring to a tax appointment?

To make the most of your tax appointment, here’s a handy checklist that you may need to bring to make your appointment as fruitful and easy as can be.


  • All PAYG Payment Summary (or Group Certificate) including Centrelink Statements (if applicable)
  • Eligible termination payments
  • Capital gains
  • Employee share scheme
  • Any money from sharing economy – e.g. UBER, AirBNB, Stayz.com
  • Any money made from online (eBay, Gumtree or other merchant websites)
  • Any cash income (tips, cash on hand jobs)
  • Details of Interest Income (if applicable)
  • Details of Dividends Income (if applicable)
  • Details of foreign employment income (if applicable)
  • Trust/Managed Funds distribution statement (if applicable)
  • If you have investment property
    • Rental Statement from real estate agent(if applicable)
    • Rental Property expenses
  • If you have business
    • Your ABN
    • Income derived from your business (make sure you keep your sales invoices)
    • Expenses related to your busines

Deductions and expenses

  • Work related receipts (Car or truck expenses, Log book or diary, uniforms, self-education, etc.)
  • Union fees, registrations, tools, subscriptions, memberships
  • Home office, seminars, conferences
  • Telephone, computer and internet expenses
  • Donations to charities or building funds
  • Income protection insurance
  • Interest and fees on investment loans
  • Any extra personal superannuation contribution
  • Any other expenses related to work

Other Information

  • Current Statement of HECS/HELP and/or SFSS (if applicable)
  • Private Health Fund Statement (if applicable)
  • Bank details (where your tax refund will be deposited, if you have a refund)
  • Partner/spouse details (if any, e.g. birthdate, taxable income)
  • Number of dependent children under 21 years old, or under 24 if studying full time